May 26, 2021Liked by Linda S. Park (she/they)

Thanks, Linda. I had the same strange experience when I attended a networking group meeting a couple weeks ago, which had been meeting virtually and has switched to doing outdoor, in-person meetings once/month. I was invited, maskless, to sit down between two people at a picnic table. Even though I had COVID last October, and even though I am also fully vaccinated and I knew they were too, it took courage to sit down there. It felt strange. I received a hug from one of the members as I left. That, too, was strange-- lovely and scary at once. I've been working as a daycare administrator, so my life from Sept-now has felt more "normal" than most-- I interact with people outside my household every day, the kids are almost all unmasked, etc. But when I bought tickets to an outdoor baseball game last night, the prospect was exciting and scary. I keep trying to picture what it will feel like to be in a crowd again, even outdoors. Thanks for sharing this.

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