Wishing for "Happily Ever After"

A Poem for My Favorite Valentines, Jo and Laurie

While there are multiple theories about where Valentine’s Day originated from, one of them is the story of Valentine, a priest during the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II believed that soldiers are better off without partners and prohibited them from getting married. Valentine, in protest of this ban, continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Eventually, he was caught, executed, and martyred.

Often, lovers run into obstacles that challenge the continuation of their relationship. As one’s love slips out of their reach, a piece of their heart breaks apart. That’s how I felt when I saw Jo and Laurie in Little Women (2019). Sometimes, going separate ways is inevitable, and coming to the realization of it is painful. Maybe all we can do in that last moment is embrace our swelling hearts and dream of an alternate reality where we live together happily ever after. Here I share with you my drawing and poem for Jo and Laurie.

Swelling heart

Running down the meadow
rolling over infatuation
life-long obsession
heart swelling with
untamable sorrow

You are me
I am you
inseparable and yet
incapable of blending
why in this world
born in this time

We have everything
however, eternally confined
incessantly screaming
for love, liberty, and beyond

You went to New York City
did you miss me?
burning in my head
is you with the curly hair
or with the cropped hair
the corner of your coat on fire
the tip of your pen on fire
once, we were on fire
trotting away from the horde

Can’t it be this way
forever? I will let you fly
you will stay in me
no matter

Moving across
alongside you
in matching skates
in matching waistcoats
hand in hand
you and I
racing hereafter

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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