My Story in 10 Words | Iowa's Exclusive Caucus

Featuring my writing published here and there

This week, I would like to share two places where my writing was featured.

This competition called for a story in exactly 10 words on the theme of ‘discovery.’ It was hosted by Briefly Write, a literary journal for micro fiction and short poems. My submission, inspired by the recent visit to my parent’s home, was shortlisted. I tried to capture the essence of my mother’s love as I shared with you in my last letter.

Read all the brief yet excellent 10-words stories on the full shortlist. It will literally take a minute.

The Real Mainstream is advocacy journalism for Iowa and Illinois, and they featured my column from last year in its newsletter honoring Martin Luther King Jr. this week. I wrote about the experience of attending my first Iowa caucus and my criticism of the exclusivity of the electoral system in Iowa, which is also relevant in other parts of the nation. Read the full column here.

Thank you for reading and sharing my writing. It means a lot to me.



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